Motivation Mail


Wow. I am blown away by the amazing response and feedback on motivation mail (for Tone It Up members). Thank you all so very much!

I tried to get on twitter so I could share pictures of everyone’s awesome mail, but for some reason it’s not letting me go very far back in #motivationmail history!

Here’s what I could grab for August motivation mail:

First is the mail I received this month from the lovely and so sweet @lisaocean !


I’m in love with the bento box. I used it tonight for the snack I ate while working the front desk at my dorm. Also, you can’t really see the stickers or little picks, but they’re ADORABLE. Thank you thank you thank you Lisa!

P.S. This mail came all the way from Japan!

Next up is the mail Brittney (@BP1143) received from her partner @CaitiTIU!

Uhm who doesn’t love snack bars?!? And I have yet to try PB2- what a great idea!

Finally (for now): Jenn’s (@JenFlo3) mail from @ElleBraley !


A Jillian DVD? How special!!! And cute headband 🙂

If you’re looking for other ideas, I love seeing all the different teas everyone drinks, all the different homemade snacks, cool local items, hair accessories and cute cards!

I’ll add more pictures as I find/see them.

Thank you all for your participation!



Motivation Mail Q&A

Hey Y’all! (Getting into my Texan background here…)

Today I sent out the first round of pairings for Motivation Mail and I realized I’ve left some things vague/I’ve gotten some good questions… so here I am to hopefully clear things up!!

I’ll start out with the basics for anyone that’s new!

1. What is Motivation Mail? This is something I was inspired to start after seeing a couple of food-based mail swaps and seeing some Tone It Up girls send each other care packages. What’s Tone It Up? An online exercise and health community for women! I highly encourage you to check it out here. Every year Tone It Up does a Bikini Series challenge, and after it ended I didn’t want everyone to lose their amazing drive. So this gave rise to the idea of “Motivation Mail” through which we can send each other inspiring crafts/cute colorful gifts/TIU-approved snacks.

2. Is it a swap or do you send your package to/receive your package from different people? (from @truetonefitness) As of right now, I have this set up as a swap, so you will send mail to the same person who is sending you mail! However, if you’d maybe like to change it up, I’m open to input.

3. Is it a surprise? (from @PetraSvdT & others) Because it’s set up as a swap for now, you’ll know who will be sending you your Motivation Mail, but what you send should be a surprise!!

4. How do you sign up? It’s set up as a Google Form on my “Motivation Mail” blog page here.

5. Once you sign up, do you have to sign up every month? (from @summergrl375) Nope! I have all of your information on record, so no need to send it multiple times! I will send out an email to everyone who has already signed up towards the 1st of the month to confirm that you want to continue and that none of your information has changed.

6. Then do you continue with the same partner? (from @sophiehowl27) Ohhhh no! I’m switchin’ it up on you! You’ll have so many new friends from all over the country/world!!

7. So how does it work? Make sure you’ve signed up by the 1st of the month. Then, on/before the 8th of the month I’ll email you your partner’s name, email, mailing address and twitter handle. After that, you have until the 15th (or 16th, depending on if the 15th is a Sunday) of the month to send out your package of goodies! Once you’ve received your Motivation Mail, make sure you tweet/email me/blog pictures to promote Motivation Mail and thank your TIU pen pal!!!

8. Do I contact my partner? If you want to! If you’re sending food/a shirt you might want to make sure you respect their dietary needs (gf/vegan/allergies) and you know their size.

9. How much do I spend? Around $10-$15. If you’d like to spend less and make more homemade goodies that’s fine, just make sure that you’re reciprocating the generosity built into this and assuming everyone is spending about the same.

10. Is there a twitter/instagram hashtag? Yes! Whenever you’re looking for the latest news/updates or for the pictures people are sharing or you’re talking about Motivation Mail hashtag: #motivationmail. And if you blog about it, make sure you link back to me and tweet me a link to your post!

I absolutely cannot wait to see what you amazing, creative ladies share with each other! If you have any suggestions or questions, leave a comment, email me @apapp93, or tweet me @AlyssaTIU!

Lots of love!!!


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