Five 20-year-olds, one 1940’s era rental house, what could possibly go wrong?

Last Tuesday, four of my very best friends and I moved into the house of our dreams our first college rental home! It’s a real charmer, with 5 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and all of the faults of an old home. Luckily, we’re very responsible people who thought to call ahead and set up electricity, trash and water services before we got there. But who knew you had to call to turn on gas too? No one needs hot water or a working gas-burner stove… (Misadventure #1)

After hours of drilling, hammering and IKEA-furniture-assembling, we were finally moved in (sort of)! See day 1:


Note the “move in day pizza” and dumpster diving dining room chairs. We really lucked out on finding a huge kitchen/dining room though and once we having a working stove/oven I will be a cooking queen!

Basically, it was just a giant mess of boxes and dirt.

Day 2 came shining like a bright ray of hope on the horizon! Things significantly improved in my room and in our living room with the entertainment center.

photo copy 2

So. Much. White. There is literally no color on the walls. Also my room is a steamy inferno so the fan next to the bed was a necessity.

photo copy 3

I spy a roommate and a very cool wine poster Ashley found!

Misadventure #2: The roommate pictured above stepped on a rusty nail and had to get a tetanus shot. Sorry, Cody.

Day 3 we all left. A vacation on the farm with a trip to Shakespeare at Winedale was much needed!

Day 4 was full of cleaning and a new washing machine! Dryer is yet to be acquired…

Day 5: Misadventure #3 occurred when we tried to bake cookies in the oven, which clearly did not work since we don’t have the gas on yet. Oops.

Today we really started getting everything together after an exciting TV installation yesterday on which we promptly watched two movies. Not having internet or cable yet is really forcing us to get our act together in setting up the house, but it’s exhausting work:

photo copy 4

But today we hung our giant NYC picture and celebrated the first of many 21st birthdays in the house with a brunch at Annie’s Cafe.

Happy birthday, Ashley!

Happy birthday, Ashley!


Living room

It has to get messier before it gets cleaner, right?


Essentially, I have been running around with no internet for the past week, shuffling between the house I’m housesitting at and our new house, and between cities. We can only hope my sense of normalcy will return soon and you can actually see our hard work come to life at the CAAKE house (the name is derived from the compilation of our initials).

Until then,



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