I have been wanting to restart my blog all summer. What better time, right? Then the usual slew of excuses settled in.

My favorite spot in the house. Certainly an adequate view.

My favorite spot in the house. Certainly an adequate view.

So here I sit on the first Sunday of August, the last month of summer, writing a blog post. I still have my glasses on and I’ve failed to put on real clothes but I’ve been up since 7am dealing with a dog who pukes in the same spot on the carpet every night, an overflowing toilet, and the laundry that comes with both of those events. Not to mention the fact that this dog tried to eat a muffin off the table that was no more than an inch away from my hand. If it wasn’t for coffee I’d be back in bed right now.

Why am I dealing with these disgusting and terrible (d r a m a) things? I’m currently spending a month of my summer house- and dog-sitting for the family I babysit for regularly. Though sorely unqualified to try to keep plants and a dog alive and successfully use an alarm system, I am really enjoying (maybe) the time by myself to practice cooking and being alone (ha ha).

In a week I will be moving with four of my very best friends into our very own (rental) house. The overflowing toilet and cooking adventures I’m having, along with my undying love for Austin, Texas have inspired a blog renewal. I can only hope that whatever ends up here will be educational (did you know you’re not supposed to flush the toilet a second time?), inspirational or at least slightly entertaining.

Now, I must go congratulate myself for avoiding the word “y’all” and dream up more posts so I won’t fail you again.

P.S. Sorry for talking about toilets and dog puke.


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