Setting Intentions

Tonight I went to my very first hot yoga class. Honestly, I was not expecting to enjoy it that much. But, alas, it is Try it Thursday after all and I was up for a challenge. I went to the famous-in-Austin Black Swan Yoga for their “Candle Sweaty” class.


My reflections post-class are below:

1. I feel so CLEAN. I sweat out of every pore and my clothes are soaked, but I feel so incredible. Like I just took the best shower of my life. I feel lighter too.

2. The world becomes a different place after you walk outside. I’m in Texas and it’s a balmy 81 degrees Fahrenheit right now. But after being so hot?? Yeah, every whisper of breeze was noticeable and it feels about 70 out. Which is wonderful.

3. This is my most important point and it can apply to any motivation or yoga practice. Make the intention you set for your practice, your meditation, your day mean something. The instructor in our class today that intentions don’t have to be limited to a feeling either, but can be a person you’re dedicating that small chunk of your life to. Today, that really meant something to me. One of my friends from college was just today diagnosed with a serious illness. I’m devastated for her. So tonight, I dedicated my yoga practice to her. Every heart opener was radiating my health in hopes that she may gain some health back of her own. My strong downward dogs and planks were for her to have strength. My child’s pose was to let her surrender to what has now become a part of her life. All my movements, every breath, was for her. And it changed my practice entirely. I’ve always set intentions like “focus” and “energy” but they’ve never really meant anything. Just empty words of things I mindlessly hope for. But from now on, I will meditate on my intentions and I will move for them and through them. It was truly an incredible experience.

I hope what I’ve learned can help empower you to try a hot yoga class. You may not love it, but it’s definitely worth a try.

I also hope that you can find intentions that, whether they be for you or for another person, really change your mindset and give you something to be for.




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