Microwaved Protein Pancakes!

I finally caved and bought protein powder, so now it’s time to get creative!

Today’s protein creation was the famous Tone It Up protein pancake! When I ordered my box of protein, it came with a little pancake recipe card inside so that’s what I used but there’s lots of other flavored pancake recipes on the Perfect Fit website.

For reference, I’m in college right now living in a dorm so I have no access to an actual kitchen. Anything I make is raw or made in the microwave. I’ve wanted to make these protein pancakes for so long but never thought it was possible!

Here’s how I made my miraculous microwaved protein pancake: (recipe from Tone It Up)

1/4 cup egg whites
Splash of almond milk
1/2 banana
Packet of Perfect Fit Protein

I used a tiny glass liquids measuring cup and poured in the wet ingredients and cinnamon. Then I headed down to my cafeteria and mashed in the banana. After stirring in the protein powder, I poured the batter straight on a plate. It’s pretty thick so it just sort of makes a big pancake form.

Now we get to the microwaving part. I’m pretty sure everyone in the cafeteria was thinking “what the heck is that girl doing?!?” by this point. I was totally experimenting so I put it in for 4 minutes, checking on it every so often. It gets all puffy and pretty but make sure you check the center with a fork. I wound up needing to put it in for another 45 seconds to finish it. Then BAM! A pretty pancake!

Edited to add: I was told by @Saniha (thanks girl!) that she also adds PAM to the plate. I don’t have any here in college, but if you have some feel free to add!

CAUTION: the plate will be very hot!! You have been warned!!!


Send me pictures of your microwaved pancakes!!!!



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