Here’s The Plan

Let’s start with July! I know it’s already the 9th, but I want to share my goals I made for the month.


I need to find a training plan for running that 5 miles! As far as the #jfit challenge- I’m not doing fantastic but I’ve done most days. Follow me on instagram: @alillapapp93 to see them! It includes my favorite picture of Shawn Johnson as my motivation!


I absolutely love her! Even after a skiing accident where she blew out her knee she still worked so hard to try and get to the London Olympics. Now, she’s working with Nike and acting as a role model to keep girls fit and healthy.

But back on track here, the point of this post is to force myself to plan! Last week I didn’t and it showed in my lack of workouts. So this week I’m prepared!


Power walk with my mom

30 day ab challenge day 3


The Amanda Russell Ultimate Full Body Cardio Workout

Day 4 of #30dayabchallenge is a rest day!



The Amanda Russell Ultimate Hips, Bum and Thighs Workout

Modern Dance Class


“Long” run (about 4 miles)

Yoga: either sweaty or flow


HIIT run

Some sort of upper body


Paddleboard Yoga hopefully!

Make sure you check out my Motivation Mail Q&A here, my link to a better snacking article here and you follow me on instagram @alillapapp93 to see all my #jfit pictures!



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