Taking a Break, Then Moving Forward

My birthday was last Thursday, the Tone It Up bikini series challenge ended last week, and I have been pushing so hard in the areas of health and fitness for the past 8 weeks. Though I didn’t wind up entering the contest for the bikini series, I am so so proud of my progress.

I started off strong with signing up for my dorm’s bootcamp. I lost a couple inches after the four weeks (3x a week) and felt really good. I then took that fire of being motivated to exercise and set out to become a morning person. Believe me and take it from my friends and family when I say this was no small undertaking. I was previously the nastiest, most grumpy, latest sleeper ever until I had to wake up at 6am for boot camp 3 times a week. Then I started really trying to do more of Tone It Up’s infamously named “bootycalls” (where you wake up at least 30 minutes early to get a workout in) each week. Good news- it’s working! I now actually enjoy waking up before 7. My favorite part is being up for the sunrise.

As far as food, I’ve been really good, especially since mid-June about food journaling. I have also paid scrupulous attention to what’s going into my body. It was an adjustment, but the cleanest eating possible with 5 meals a day makes all the difference.

So where did I end up? 5 pounds lighter, several inches shed and feeling way stronger/more confident!

Then my birthday came, and I knew I needed and wanted a break. I had been starting to slip up a lot more as I got back to school for the summer and my dorm’s dessert table tempted me. So I just let go of dietary restrictions. I ate lots of cupcakes and cookies, didn’t food journal every night (though I have caught up now) and I didn’t work out besides yoga Friday-Sunday.

But as the weekend went on I started feeling worse with every sweet dessert I consumed. I had no energy, I lost my ability to wake up early and I just felt unmotivated and emotionally unstable. Basically, I’m ready for a detox week.

I started this week off the right way, with a nice 6am yoga session and my very favorite Greek yogurt breakfast. I kept my eating clean and controlled all day, with no dessert or social-eating slip-ups!

However, I still don’t feel at all motivated to work out. Getting over the exhaustion. I’ve spent hours today trying to sketch out a workout plan for this week, but I might just spend a week with yoga. At least for now, then I can see how I feel.

Basically, this was just a big update. I really needed to evaluate where I’m at right now in order to figure out what I want for July. I’m so glad I took a little break. Sometimes your body just needs more than a rest day. And some cupcakes.


P.S. Sorry for the lack of pictures- it’s late but I’ll try to add some tomorrow! xoxo

P.P.S. Thank you to everyone who signed up for Motivation Mail! Pairings will be sent out soon! I can’t wait 🙂


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2 responses to “Taking a Break, Then Moving Forward

  1. Congrats, Good for you!!! What an inspiring blog!!! Yes, sometimes, out body just needs a cupcake, or two!!! Lol!!!

  2. Great job hun! 🙂 Keep up the great work!

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