A Lot to Chew On

Vegan. Paleo. Vegetarian. Gluten-Free. Raw. Detox. Healthy fats. Superfoods. Glycemic index. As different healthy eating methods become more popular, my life just becomes more confusing. Then throw in all the resources available to me through the internet and my head starts spinning! On top of that, I am currently living in a dorm and will be for another year. College student with no kitchen in a dorm that loves to bribe you with delicious home-cooked meals that you’re sure are loaded with secret butter, salt and sugar? The only recipe I’m seeing is the one that cooks up a nice big batch of disaster.


P.S. There are some hilarious results for “confused person” on Google images (no rights reserved here)

So what’s the secret? How do you pick an eating lifestyle that’s right for you?

If you’ve spent hours surfing the web looking for an answer like I have, you’ll know there isn’t an answer. Because, no surprise here, I’ve been over-analyzing and over-complicating some simple ideas.

1. Everyone’s body is different.

2. Everyone has different values and beliefs.

3. People are calling the same thing by different names. The truth is everyone just wants to be the happiest, healthiest version of themselves. Whether they call that “losing weight” or “getting rid of acne and skin problems” or anything else. Who doesn’t want to be happy, glowing and the image of perfect health? We’ll do anything to get there!

What I needed to be doing this whole time was getting off of the internet (after garnering some basic knowledge), and making a list of what want.


Here’s my list! I decided to keep it as short as possible. As far as skin bumps (in case you’re wondering!), I have lots of tiny little bumps along the sides of my face/jaw and my upper arms. They’re like reddish-white? I have no idea what they are, but I’m going to the dermatologist in a few weeks so hopefully I’ll get an idea there. Other than that, my list is pretty straight-forward.

And now here are some of the resources I found, extremely narrowed down, to make it easier on you!

First, here is a big post I found on the Paleo v. Vegan debate. It features both Paleo and Vegan “Advocates” as well as “Moderators” who are all authors or highly respected health advocates. It also has some interesting and sassy comments 😉 I liked the first one:

“Neels says:

Interesting but unfortunate debate. I fully agree with Brian. Both diets are against our biggest global health threat: Processed, toxic food.
So lets rather work together to combat that evil monster and even go further to save our race and our habitat.

Why don’t we merge the 2 lifestyle types and keep the best part of each.

Paleo/Vegan lifestyles rolled into one super-healthy and ethically/ecologically responsible diet with the aim to promote the health of the human population and our planet. We do that by reducing to the lowest possible level the consumption of the non-Paleo food in our diet (healthy humans) and further limit our intake of animal meat to lowest possible levels (healthy earth).

Hey we can call it the Paleogan diet.
Or the Veleo diet… ”


Second, I found a blog called “Eating Rules” which features one very health-conscious guy who has 3 simple rules for how he eats! He also got to tour Bob’s Red Mill here which is a super cool post. I’m a fan.


And finally, for now, I’ll link you to Attune Foods’ post about what healthy eating looks like.

Now I’m left feeling a little more secure in where I’d like my eating habits to be and I have a huge list of eating reads that I want to “dig in” to! I’d love to do some book reviews on those at a later point in time.

I hope this helps some of you!




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One response to “A Lot to Chew On

  1. I love the idea of combining paleo & vegan… creative and positive – two great things!

    …and thanks for the shout-out and kind words! 🙂

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